back home

in the night of 3rd of november i finally reached cold and rainy austria. it is strange beeing back home after working and travelling for the last 5 months. everybody is speaking german and looks like a "westerner". also i have to start with the serious parts, studying and learning for examinations, working,... i had a very nice, interessting time in thailand and i would like to thank everybody back there for giving me a so great time. stay in touch and most important of all, "SABAI SABAI"

diving and chill out

after cambodia i went to kho tao to make my diving course and to kho phi phi for relaxing before going back to austria.
beach at kho toa
beach at kho tao
diving with my buddy ross from ireland
friends i met on kho tao: devon(uk), lauren and ross (ireland), fabian (ger), ?, ?(canada), me
relaxing my feet on the beach of kho phi phi


cambodia was great as i earlier mentioned; the people are sop friendly and compared to thailand, they can speak english. also the young children are aible to make a whole conversation. the country itself is very poor and the infrastructure is, after havinf war in the last decades of years, very bad. we needed for instance 6h for a distance of 200km from the thai border, aranyapahtet, to siam riep, where the famous angkor wat is located. angkor wat is imposant and a very very big complex of temples. after angkor wat we went to a national park to swim at a waterfall and to a lake, where a city was located on the lake. but now enjoy some of my pics:

petrol station
transporting some pigs
at angkor wat
traditional dancer at angkor wat
our group:diou, akos, boris, markus, peter and stefan

at the national park



cambodia was reallz great, interessting and soo exotic.
currentlz i am sitting in chumporn waiting for mz ferrz to depart for kho tao where i am going to do mz scuba diving course.
i ll put some pictures and more information later on the blog...



last weekend we made a trip to kanchanaburi, where the bridge over the river kwai, a tiger temple and the famous erawan national park is located. a very nice trip with my iaeste friends! the next planned trip is going to cambodia and, back in thailand, doing a diving course. if there is time left i would like to go to kho phi phi bevor going back to austria o 3rd of november.

simba x 2

bridge over the river KWAI
erawan national park stephan, nadine, johannes, sebbi, antonius, tim, markus
a natural swimming pool :-)




a short introduction to thai-get drunk beverages:

my favourite, the 6.4 %vol elephant beer - CHANG
dont forget about the whiskeys
and benmore


Phu Hin Ron Kla - national park

two days hiking in a national park with magnus from norway showed a lot of interessting and for us unusual sites:
let´s start with our way to the national park
flooding of the street and surrounding areas for about two kilometer. looks really bad but the people managed this crisis with patience.
at the national park we found some strange formations of rocks. also the temperature was quite cold. 10 to 15°C maybe. for thailand this is very cold.

in the nat. park there was the headquater of the thai communist party until 1983 who lived there (~4000 member) and fought against the thai military.
magnus from norway...
poisonous? green snake on our way back to our bungalow.